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The history of Swedish Vallhund, part 4: the remnants of the foundation stock

What remains of the foundation stock in present day pedigrees? The amount of individuals that constitutes the foundation stock was 39. Foundation stock consists of representatives of the landrace, that … Continue Reading →

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The history of Swedish Vallhund, part 3: Matrilines

What is a matriline? The gender of an individual is determined by the sex chromosome which is inherited from the father. The female always passes on the chromosome X to … Continue Reading →


The history of Swedish Vallhund, part 2: Patrilines

What is a patriline? A patriline is a father line, or a sire line as it could be called in the dog world. A patriline is a line of descent … Continue Reading →


The history of Swedish Vallhund, part 1: Foundation stock

A brief history of the breed As a breed Swedish Vallhund is based on a landrace that was found in Västergötland, Sweden. This landrace was recognized as a breed in … Continue Reading →


Nordic spitzes carry rare mtDNA haplotype – but not Swedish Vallhunds

The mtDNA of domestic dogs divides into different groups by the haplotypes of mtDNA. The mix of haplogroups is shared among all populations worldwide. However, one small haplogroup, subclade d1, … Continue Reading →


Incidence of Pyometra and Mammary Tumours in Swedish Vallhunds

According to the article that was published in the special issue of Reproduction in Domestic Animals journal in December 2012, incidences of pyometra and mammary tumours are relatively low among … Continue Reading →


Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to Only for One Allele weblog. This blog serves two purposes: to make the old articles written my me public, and to create and publish new ones. The focus … Continue Reading →